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Why Thinkeet?

$400 Million is the estimated financial loss of 700 Million records stolen only this year.

CIO survey data shows how big the problem is, the new digital scenario requires new strategies and approach and new roles are required: Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer.

How can you solve the problem?

Determine the value and the risk of information ahead of time, when the information is created.


By increasing the Governance of any phase of Information Life Cycle.
The Thinkeet's main functions are Information Lifecycle Governance and Management - Produce, Use, Change, Share and Dispose.

Information Life Cycle

Information Lifecycle Governance
Thinkeet unifies document content protection using a single solution.

Information Lifecycle Governance
Designed to fit the client needs for classifying business information.

Solution Thinkeet

DataProtection Suite

Our product suite is designed to fit the client needs for classifying the business information such as documents and e-mails and at the same time to protect them with right management permission, monitoring, tracking and encryption based on their classification.

Suite Thinkeet

Information Lifecycle

The massive digitalisation process in progress requires a new approach to the Information management. Information needs to be differentiated and managed based on its importance for the company business.

Monitoring and control the company information contents

The quantity of information produced today complicates the capability of a company to protect and control the use of it. It becomes important to follow the most critical information, or part of it, and react to risks of its exposure, leakage or abuse in short time.

Intellectual Property

Today as never, digital information is critical for the survival of every business. Intellectual property is digital today, and every information connected to it must be protected pro-actively.

Compliance with international standards and Laws

Managing the security at information level permits a real implementation of standard and the compliance of laws specially related to Information Security (i.e. ISO27001) or Privacy (i.e. European Data Protection Act).

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